Recognizing Excessive Sweating and How to Overcome It

Excessive sweating without clear triggers can make a person feel disturbed, and reduce self-confidence. This condition should not be ignored because excessive sweating can be a sign of a disturbance in your health. Sweating is one of the body's natural processes to adjust body temperature to the surrounding environment. You do this by removing fluid containing salt through the sweat glands. Normally sweat comes out when the body is doing enough energy, eating spicy food, fever, or when feeling certain emotions such as anger, shame, fear, or nervousness. Another case with excessive sweating that tends to occur without triggers, this condition is called hyperhidrosis and usually occurs due to certain diseases. There are two types of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, namely primary focal hyperhidrosis or sweating in certain parts, and secondary general hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating throughout the body. Primary focal hyperhidrosis Someone with primary focal hyperhidr
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